Erik DeAndre Robinson

Erik DeAndre’ is an American artist born in the vibrant multi-cultural city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began drawing & painting at an early age & realized early on that art would be a life-long passion... Following his studies, Erik DeAndre’ emerged upon European shores and quickly established himself as a unique talent. Assuming the position of Art Director with several leading wholesale art producers, his insight into both the creative and business aspect of the art market is seldom matched. Viewers and collectors of Erik DeAndre’s works have called them powerful, inspiring, and filled with emotion. Sensual themes, brilliant colors, & clarity in execution have become synonymous with Erik’s work. His art is a unique blend of illustration and pop portraiture created with a blend of acrylics, graphite, oil, or whatever materials he chooses to express his artistic vision. In addition to painting, Erik creates finished art products for retail sales. Along with being one of the most widely published artists in the world, his original pieces have
become much sought after collector treasures.

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